Mary & the Banks are really going places…but they’d like to find their way back to you

Listen to ‘Way Back To You’ Mary and The Banks EP

Bio supplied by Mary & the Banks…thanks guys!
Mary & the Banks grew out of an entirely serendipitous encounter. Mary, fresh from school, moved from a small town in the Southern Highlands of NSW, to Sydney looking for a dream and a band…not quite sure where to find either. As luck would have it, at a music industry party in late 2011, Mary met bothers Zane and Jy-Perry Banks. The trio soon discovered that they all had a love of the same type of music and all shared a common goal – to write songs and play music around the world. With the New Year, the phenomenon of Mary and the Banks was born and after just six weeks of song writing together, they recorded their first EP, Way Back To You. 

Way Back To You – Mary and The Banks

I know Zane and Jy from our days of studying classical music together at the Sydney Conservatorium. Zane is currently completing a PhD focusing on the use of guitar in contemporary classical music and has just returned from performing the premiere of Australian Composer Brett Dean’s new Ballet, Fire Music with Orchestra Victoria and The Australian Ballet. Their debut EP is unlike anything I expected the brothers to produce. What they, and Mary have crafted is truly beautiful….the most incredible blend of pop, rock, jazz, blues and folk. How you can marry all of those styles into one is beyond me, but they do it! Their music sounds like a trip to your favourite candy store when you were five – it’s delicious, exciting, worth telling your friends about and worth savoring; with moments of familiar flavours but also the discovery of new delights. I give them 4 out of 5 kisses.

Mary & the Banks are holding their EP launch at the Basement in Sydney on the 10th of April from 8:30pm. Make sure you check them out and like their facebook page, because Mary & the Banks are really going places, and they’d like to take you with them!

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  1. Marilyn Wood


    Mary, your grandmother sent me your CD and it is so beautiful. I used to work for your grandparents when they lived at Kurrajong and you were just a tiny child. Good on you and all the very best for a successful career in music, though I do not think you will need luck. You have the voice of an angel. Marilyn

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