Pickett’s Charge (Short Film)

Short Film (2012) - Original Music Composed and Produced by Amy Bastow.

The film depicts the battle of wills between Richard, a mild-mannered medieval jousting fan and his fiance Faith, the last of the truly saccharine control freaks.

On the morning of the most important battle re-enactment on Richard’s calendar, Faith bundles Richard up for a ‘quick’ lunch with her parents in one of those cookie-cutter suburbs in outer Melbourne, where he learns that not only is he expected to ask Faith’s terrifying father for her hand in marriage, but also that he’s been tricked into missing the battle – and will be expected to give up his much loved hobby because it’s not listed on Faith’s newly drafted ‘life plan’.

When Richard tries to protest (something he’s never done before), he finds himself locked in an epic battle of wills with the woman he loves, and has to face one of life’s difficult questions: is this relationship worth the fight?

Film Credits
Format Short Film (2012)
Client Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)
Premiere Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
Director Anna O’Donnell
Associate Producer Carla McConnell
Composer Amy Bastow

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