The Last Resort (Channel 9 Reality TV Series)

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In The Last Resort, a beautiful tropical island is the backdrop to real-life drama as five long-term couples embark on a mission to save their troubled relationships. In this groundbreaking new Australian series, the couples will be sent to an island retreat where they will undertake a series of relationship tasks in a fight to save their love. Can The Last Resort save these couples? Psychologist Sandy Rea and relationship coach Michael Myerscough work closely with the couples, offering them guidance and support to help reignite the passion in their relationships. As they confront issues of infidelity, trust and intimacy, their deepest secrets will be revealed. At the end of one month, the couples must decide if they will exchange rings and stay together forever. With family life, homes and long-term relationships on the line, who will fall in love all over again? And which relationships won’t survive? Created and produced in Australia by the Nine Network.

Watch on Channel 9 – 7:30pm Tuesdays…or online, here.

Music from the Channel 9 Reality Series “The Last Resort” (2017).

Composed, Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Amy Bastow. 

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