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Finally, musicians take back the reigns on the future of the music industry

The Future Of Music

Article by Stephen Foxworthy, Strategy Director (

Fans and musicians have been pushing a massive shift in the way the music industry markets its product.

For years record labels have held tightly to their music product, closely controlling how consumers could access it, clamping down of bootlegs, recordings and performance and issuing take-down and cease and desist notices for those who tried to create their own assets or use the labels intellectual property in their own way.

Increasingly, however, musicians are striking out on their own and creating new and innovative ways to distribute their work.

This week, Beck Hansen (AKA just “Beck”) announced he will release his next album as simple sheet music, not as the more typical recording. The point being that you should play the music yourself, and interpret it as you will. Alternately you can pay to see Beck live in concert, where you’ll hear the artists interpretation.

Also this week, Gotye published a remix of his number 1 hit single “Somebody I used to know” as a mash up of fans playing his song on YouTube. Watch the Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra

Read the rest of this great article on the future of the music industry, with some great creative ideas that are taking music in a whole new and exciting direction!

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