Professional Mentors

Amy has studied with some of the most distinguished composers, conductors and performers in Australia, the US and the UK.


Composers Amy has Studied With

Mark Snow (The X-Files)
Ira Newborn (Naked Gun, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
Sean Callery (Homeland, 24, Elementary)
Michael Patterson (Grammy and Emmy-Winning Composer and Orchestrator for “Jag”)
Sonny Kompanek (Casanova, Changing Lanes, Two Weeks Notice (Hugh Grant)
Mark Suozzo (The Nanny Diaries)
Matthew Hindson
James Ledger
Joby Talbot (UK)
Anne Boyd
Mary Finsterer
Brenton Broadstock
Damien Ricketson
Michael Smetanin
William Mival (Royal College of Music, London)
Paul Patterson (Royal Academy of Music, London)

Conductors and Performers Amy has Studied With

Grant Walmsley former guitarist of the Screaming Jets (Music Business)
Judy Bailey (Jazz Piano)
Daniel Herscovitch (Classical Piano)
Neil McEwan (Choral Conducting)
David Drury (Choral Conducting and Singing)
Henryk Pisarek (Orchestral Conducting)
Roland Peelman (Choral Composition and Arranging)

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