A Racetrack Somewhere (Documentary Mini-Series)

Series Trailer: Music Composed, Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Amy Bastow.


A Racetrack Somewhere is set to take you on a journey like never before, across Australia and into the heart of some of the country’s most iconic and remote events.

Each episode delves into what makes the racing events so popular, the characters that encapsulate it, and those that travel from around the country (and globe!) to witness it first hand. Destinations include Birdsville, King Island and Warrnambool amongst others.

Birdsville Races

A Racetrack Somewhere is due for release via Racing.com soon, and will also shortly be airing on Air New Zealand’s in-flight entertainment. 


‘A Racetrack Somewhere’ – Credits
Format Documentary Mini-Series (2016)
Client Racing.com / Air New Zealand
Producers Jo McKinnon, Lachlan McKinnon
Composer Amy Bastow
Music Producer Amy Bastow

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