Crime & Punishment (Feature Film)

Amy composed and produced the score for the epic, modern-day feature film adaptation of Dostoevsky’s classic novel, Crime & Punishment.

“…When a destitute PhD student commits premeditated murder in the name of a theory, he finds that his soul can only be saved through the love of a religious prostitute. But will he confess in time or will the cunning police investigator ruin his chance at salvation?…”

Check out the trailer or take a peek around the Crime & Punishment website.

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The following are a few examples of Amy’s original music from the feature film, “Crime & Punishment”. All music composed, recorded, produced and mixed by Amy Bastow.

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Film Credits
Format Feature Film (2015)
Client Apocalypse Films Pty. Ltd.
Director Andrew O’Keefe
Producers Steve Jablonski, Tuuli Forward, Andrew O’Keefe
Composer Amy Bastow
Music Producer Amy Bastow
Written by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Screenplay Andrew O’Keefe
  • Lee Mason
  • Anna Samson
  • Christopher Bunworth
  • Grant Piro
  • John Orcsik
  • Katharine Innes
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