Butterfly Boucher’s stunning new self-titled album “Butterfly Boucher”

Amy reviews Butterfly Boucher’s new self-titled album

Artist:Butterfly Boucher
Album: “Butterfly Boucher” (self-titled)
Release Date: 13 April, 2012

How often these days do you put an album on for the first time and instantly fall in love with every single track? I can honestly say that hasn’t happened to me for a really long time, but when Butterfly Boucher’s latest album hits our stores, our online download sites and our ears on Friday the 13th of April, you are in for a real treat! All ten tracks are a masterpiece of musical design, featuring exquisite instrumentation that will intrigue, excite and provide you with an album you will listen to and love for many years to come.

The classical composer in me melted around the two-minute mark in the track None The Wiser where a gothic pipe-organ, Baroque harpsichord and toccata-style solo stopped me in my tracks and gave me the “holy shit!” goosebumps.  The track The Weather is sassy and sexy, with just enough distorted guitar to give Butterfly a grungy edge in this track. The opening swirling organ of Not Fooling Around is exquisite and the rest of the track is full of twists and turns that will excite. The reflective Warning Bell is thoughtful and extremely beautiful, with it’s slightly jazzy guitar chords giving it a bluesy bite. The entire album really is exceptional, extremely clever and deliciously addictive.

This album is mature, hand-crafted, intimate, epic and thoughtful. If Butterfly lived in the 1840s, she’d be Beethoven. If she lived in the 1960s, she’d be John Lennon. I’m no fortune teller, but I tell you what, this girl has got something to say and if I had a million bucks, I’d bet it all on the fact that she’s the next musical genius of her generation. I think I’ve used just about every descriptive adjective I know in this review, but you know what…this album really speaks for itself. I give it 6 out of 5 kisses, if that’s possible. It’s my new favourite album and I guarantee you, it probably will be for a long while yet!

The title track 5678! has been out now since February and has already caused a stir. 5678! was declared iTunes Single Of The Week only a few weeks ago. Her quirky music video for this track (which I have posted to the Kiss My Arts Facebook Page for you all to check out) includes 20 seconds in the middle of the song where she says “So you think you can dance do you?” and swings her long lanky legs, twitches her shoulders up and down and struts across the screen showing off her not-so-amazing dance skills in the cutest possible way. I’m sure she really is a great dancer, deep down! She invites fans to the 20 seconds of pure dance challenge, asking us to upload our own 20 seconds of pure dance videos in response to hers. Many have already responded, including Butterfly’s long-tome friend and musical colleague, Missy Higgins who uploaded a video with dancing even more ridiculous than Butterfly’s. If you feel inspired, we’d love for you to take up the challenge too.

Get onto iTunes now and pre-order Butterfly Boucher’s new album, due to be released on April the 13th. It is an album I can’t recommend enough and can’t turn off. It’s on continuous repeat at my house! Thanks Butterfly. You’ve made my week!

Written by Amy Bastow for the Kiss My Arts Show on Joy 94.9 – All opinions are mine. Copyright 2012.


  1. Marcy Hewlett


    I couldn’t agree with you more. I thought her two previously releases, Flutterby and Scary Fragile, were amazing but this self titled is by far the best of the three. It is so refreshing to hear an artist whose every track is different from the previous. A true talent and an inspiration. Can’t wait to see what she puts out next. She also co produced Missy Higgins next release. I can only imagine the creativity the two of them produced! If I had a million dollars I would be spending it on buying up every piece of her work and sharing it with my friends!!! Pass it along evrryone. This is one release that is a must have for your collection.

  2. Amber


    I saw Butterfly open for Katie Herzig back in November and have been lucky enough to have this cd since then. I completely agree with this review. I think I listened to the cd a month straight. It is by far one of the best cds that I have heard in a while. I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Thank you Butterfly for making such amazing music. And please come back to Philadelphia

  3. stephen


    Wow – them’s big raps! I love her previous two outings, and now I’m jealous of you getting a preview! She just gets better n better. Can’t wait to hear it.

    • Amy Bastow


      Yes she really does. I was so excited to get my hands on her latest stuff – This really is an incredible album. Pre-order people. Pre-order!!

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